In 2022, the international situation is complex and severe, with factors such as pandemics and escalating wars affecting global economic growth. While factors such as financial market risks and the pressure to address climate change have increased the uncertainty of economic recovery prospects.

In this context, are vulnerable economies financially resilient enough to cope with a range of risks and shocks? What kind of financial services should financial institutions provide to help vulnerable groups achieve financial health? What are the problems faced in building an inclusive financial system with high-quality development? What role does digital technology play in this process? Under the theme of “Improving the Financial Health of the Vulnerable”, above questions will be discussed in three parts on IFCFI2022.



Report Release: The Report on the Development of Financial Inclusion in China (2022)


•     Xu HU, Deputy Head of Research, Chinese Academy of Financial Inclusion (CAFI)

Featured Speech:

•     Elisabeth RHYNE, Former Managing Director, the Center for Financial Inclusion at Accion, Academic Advisor, CAFI


•     Xiugen MO, Deputy President, CAFI


•     Youping YIN, Deputy Director-General of the Financial Consumer Protection Bureau, PBC

•     Yun ZHOU, General Manager of Customer Experience and Protection, Ant Group


Panel Discussion:  

How to Incorporate Customer Financial Health Factors in Business Models


•     Xu HU, Deputy Head of Research, CAFI


•     Duoguang BEI, Co-Chairman of the Council Board and President, CAFI

•     Youping YIN, Deputy Director-General of the Financial Consumer Protection Bureau, PBC

•     Chengyu BAI, Division Director, China International Center for Economic and Technical Exchanges, Director of Project Management Office for UNDP/China SDG Finance Project

•     Yun ZHOU, General Manager of Customer Experience and Protection,  Ant Group

•     Rui CHENG, Vice President of Ping An Inclusive Finance Research Institute 

•     Peter Dong WONG, Senior Director, Corporate Communications, Head of Financial Inclusion & Education, Visa China

•     Jian YU, Executive Vice President of Yicai Research Institute

•     Xiugen MO, Deputy President, CAFI


The Academic Workshop of “Open Research Initiative of Digital Finance”2022-2023

The 7th Expanded Council Meeting of CAFI

Invited only

Opening Ceremony

Chaired by:

•     Duoguang BEI, Co-Chairman of the Council Board and President, CAFI

Opening Remarks:

•     Peng DU, Vice President of Renmin University of China

•     Feng LIU, Secretary-General of the Party Committee of the China  Banking Association

•     Qiang SHAN, Party Secretary of National Internet Finance Association  of China (NIFA)

•     Fei WANG, President of China Micro-Credit Companies Association (CMCA) 

•     Jingguo SHANG, Member of the Party Committee, Secretary-general, the Insurance Association of China

•     Xiaoqiu WU, Co-Chairman of the Council Board, CAFI, Former Vice  President of Renmin University of China

【Theme I】High-quality Development of Inclusive Finance

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Featured Speech

•     Wei WANG, Executive Director and Executive Vice President, Bank of China

Panel I: The Future of Rural Finance

Should small community banks in rural China still be in the lending business? How small village banks have got pushed aside as big banks expand their businesses into rural areas? As digital technology has transformed the financial industry, is the premise still valid that small and community-based banks have competitive advantage in serving small and local customers? Due to limited geographic outreach, can small rural banks have a stable customer and deposit base? Around these questions the panelists will discuss the future of rural finance in China.


•     Qiang QU, Professor, the School of Finance, RUC, Director, China Financial Policy Research Center


•      Li ZHOU, Professor, the School of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development, RUC

•      Xiaochun LIU, Vice President of Shanghai Finance Institute (SFI), Deputy Director, China Academy of Financial Research (CAFR) at Shanghai Jiao Tong University

•      Xiaolong WANG, Party Secretary and Chairman of Zhejiang Rural Commercial United Bank

•      Xiaolong JIN, Party Secretary, Chairman and Legal Representative of MYbank

•      Xuemei BAI, Vice President of Chongho Bridge

•      Leixuan WANG, Chief Researcher, Economic Research Division Ⅱ of Norinchukin Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Tea Break
Featured Speech

•     Garance Wattez-Richard, CEO, AXA Emerging Customers

Panel II: The Financial Resilience of MSEs

After a series of shocks and impacts from the pandemic, how micro and small enterprises (MSEs) are doing? To recover, what do MSEs need the most? Loans, debt forbearance or confidence? This discussion will focus on the financial resilience of MSEs and look into the future of a high-quality development of financial inclusion. 


•     Hua CHENG, Associate Professor, the School of Economics, RUC


•     Charles Li, Founder and Chairman of Micro Connect

•     Weizhong   ZHANG, Corporate Business Director of China Construction Bank

•     Jingping LIN, Deputy Director of Taizhou Financial Affairs Office

•     Gregory D. GIBB, the Co-chairman & CEO of Lufax, the Co-CEO of Lufax Holding

•     Ya LI, General Manager of Inclusive Finance Division, Bank of Communications (BoCom) Head Office

•     Chao ZHANG, Deputy General   Manager, Digital Finance & SME Department, SINOSURE

•     Bo WANG, Research Fellow, CAFI

【Theme II】Financial Health

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•     Duoguang BEI, Co-Chairman of the Council Board and President, CAFI

Report Release: Smart Risk Management in Fintech Industry


•     Chelsea CHENG, Managing Director & Partner of Boston Consulting Group (BCG)


•     Zhongmin WANG, Former Vice-Chairman of the National Council for Social Security Fund

•     Zhongyang CHEN, Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of the School of Finance, Renmin University of China

•     Jie JIANG, General Manager of the Enterprise Risk Management Department, Ant Group

•     Jinghui XU, Former General Manager of Dajia Insurance Group

Keynote Speech

•     Wenjian YU, Director-General of the Financial Consumer Protection Bureau, PBC

Tea Break
Panel III: What Financial Services Do New Urban Residents Need?

New urban residents mainly refer to various groups of people who came to cities and towns for reasons such as getting a job, starting a business, and kids going to school etc., including migrant workers and college graduates. There are currently about 300 million such people in China. What are the financial needs of new urban residents in terms of entrepreneurship, employment, housing, pension, and health? Any pain points? Apart from product design, what else should be done to better serve the financial needs of new urban residents? This session will focus on these questions. 


•     Ning TANG, Founder and CEO of CreditEase, Executive Chairman and CEO of Yiren Digital


•     Min JI, Director General of the Counselor Office, PBC 

•     Hanming FANG, Chair Professor of Economics at the University of Pennsylvania

•     Shuaishuai ZHANG, Executive Director and Chief Analyst of Banking Sector at CICC Research

•     Lianyun ZENG, Research fellow, CAFI

Featured Speech

•     Yanli ZHOU, Member, the Economic Committee of CPPCC, Former Deputy Party Secretary and former Vice Chairman of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission(CIRC)

Report Release: Insurance Development Resilience in China’s Provinces


•     Jérôme Jean Haegeli, Group Chief Economist, Swiss Re


•     Bingzheng CHEN, Professor and Doctoral Supervisor, the Department of Finance, School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University

Panel IV: The Sustainable Development of Inclusive Insurance

Since its introduction in major cities, inclusive insurance has developed rapidly because of availability and affordability. However, some experts pointed out that the sustainability of inclusive medical insurance still needs to be verified. Does insurance with low bar and affordable expense work? Is it commercially sustainable? In addition to health insurance, inclusive insurance has been tried and explored in other areas, what about their sustainability? This session will focus on discussion of inclusive insurance and its sustainability. 


•     David ZHANG, Senior Research Fellow, CAFI


•     Sheng LIU, Deputy Director of Life Insurance Supervision Department of China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission   (CBIRC)

•     Jingguo SHANG, Member of the Party Committee, Secretary-general,the Insurance Association of China

•     Xian XU, Dean, Department of Risk Management and Insurance, Fudan University

•     Jinghui XU, Former General Manager, Dajia Insurance Group

•     Ivan Gonzalez, CEO Reinsurance China, China Country President, Swiss Re

•     Seth ZHANG, Founder and CEO, MediTrust Health

Tea Break
【Theme III】Technology and Finance

Please see below for details

Keynote Speech

•     Matthew Gamser, CEO of the SME Finance Forum

Panel V: Data Governance and Financial Innovation

The rapid development of the digital economy has profoundly reshaped the world economy and the face of human society. Digital finance brings new opportunities for digital transformation and high-quality development of the industry, but at the same time also brings various regulatory issues and challenges. The special attributes and characteristics of data, especially financial data, make data governance a necessity. This session will focus on the challenges of financial data regulation, how to balance data sharing and data protection, etc.


•     Ke XU, Director of the Digital Economy and Legal Innovation Research Center of UIBE


•     Cunzhi WAN, Counsellor of PBC

•     Yang LI, Board Chair of National Institution for Finance & Development

•     Xizhun ZHAO, Co-President of CAFI 

•     Ziwei CAO, Vice President for Strategy of Airstar Digital Technology

•     Lin HUANG, Senior Operations Officer, Financial Infrastructure Lead, Financial Institutions Group (FIG), Asia and Pacific, IFC

Panel VI: Green Inclusive Finance in the Context of Digital Economy

A major problem in the development of green finance and inclusive finance in China is that green finance is not inclusive enough and inclusive finance is not green enough. For example, green loans are mainly used to support large-scale projects such as infrastructure, energy, energy saving and environmental protection, and less support for target groups of financial inclusion like farmers, self-employed households, and MSEs.  Proportion of green credit business in small and middle-sized banks that focus on inclusive finance is still low. What should be done to promote the integrated development of green finance and inclusive finance? What can digital technology do? These will be discussed in this session.


•     Yolanda Yun ZHU, Operational Lead, Sustainability and Climate Finance  Advisory, Financial Institution Group-Asia Pacific, International Finance  Corporation (IFC)


•     Jun MA, Chairman of Green Finance Committee (GFC) of China Society of Finance and Banking, President of Institute of Finance and Sustainability

•     Yao LEI, Deputy Director-General of Financial Research Institute, PBC

•     Lin XU, Chairman of China-U.S. Green Fund

•     David WU, Vice Chairman of Deloitte China, China Financial Services Industry Leader 

•     Shaohua XU, Vice President of Quzhou Central Sub-branch, PBC

•     Mingheng CHEN, Vice President of the Lishui Central Sub-branch, PBC

•     Liangui MA, Chairman of Zhejiang Anji Rural Commercial Bank

•     Steven YING, Managing Partner of High Impact Capital Advisors 

•     Paul ZHU, Research Fellow, CAFI 



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